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Kwik Sew 3531

So I made a long list of sewing I could do during pregnancy that I could do without having a waistline (like accessories, small fixes to existing dresses, actually making something for my husband). Do you think any of this … Continue reading

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2017 recap

2017 recap in March, so basically par for the course on this blog. I started off slow by working on a Wheel of Time costume for Jordan Con, of the character Sevanna: From January through July I worked on all … Continue reading

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Costume College, Thursday and Friday

Only a month behind, that seems pretty on top of things for me and this blog, eh? The pool party night was Disney themed so I pulled out my old Elsa costume, since that seemed like a pretty good excuse … Continue reading

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A modern interlude

Part of the reason I was so swamped in April/May and didn’t come close to finishing my Eliza Schuyler dress (I’m still just on the skirt now…) was because my Advanced Flat Pattern class took a ton of time. We … Continue reading

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On Sergers

Let’s talk about all the good and bad things of this morning: The bad: By my calculations, the 9 rows of ruffles on my petticoat is something like 30 yards of ruffles. The good: Firefly is a space western, meaning … Continue reading

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Pattern calls for 3 1/8 yards of fabric. I get every pattern piece out of 2 1/2 yards of fabric, including pattern matching my plaid (ok I didn’t match on the vertical because I forgot, but there is a bias yoke … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Still no sewing mojo. Round 2 of Edwardian corset still a pile of muslin in the corner of the table. Me whenever I thought about sewing the last couple of weeks  -> Needed a simple project to get my sewing … Continue reading

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