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1880s hat

So, that Captain America bustle gown. For once, I decided to start with the accessories, because that’s what takes this from a perfectly nice bustle gown to the cosplay concept. I wanted a quick and easy win, so I decided … Continue reading

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A large and rambunctious 1830s bonnet, and some 1830s outings

I made a late 1830s dress for Dickens in 2018, and had a number of changes I wanted to make afterwards. So of course, I didn’t touch it for a year while I worked on keeping a baby alive instead. … Continue reading

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2017 recap

2017 recap in March, so basically par for the course on this blog. I started off slow by working on a Wheel of Time costume for Jordan Con, of the character Sevanna: From January through July I worked on all … Continue reading

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Hat time

(I looked up quotes about hats to find an interesting post title and totally failed. Let me know if you think of one). So during March I took a short millinery class at the local community college and made some hats! … Continue reading

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2016 recap

All the cool kids are doing it, so here’s what I made this year: January through April I spent all my time on my Jordan Con costume contest entry, my magnum opus, the floofiest froof of a dress to ever exist, … Continue reading

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An 1890s half-mourning hat

So for the vast majority of history, when you went out, you wear a hat. And therefore I embarked on my first ever adventure in hat-trimming! Started with a hat from Amazon, a bunch of feathers, black silk taffeta, and whatever … Continue reading

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