Pattern calls for 3 1/8 yards of fabric.

I get every pattern piece out of 2 1/2 yards of fabric, including pattern matching my plaid (ok I didn’t match on the vertical because I forgot, but there is a bias yoke at the waist which will distract you from that).

How to do this:

1) Ignore the pattern layout completely. This pattern has nearly all the pieces on the fold, but if you try to do them all on the same fold you have to stack everything vertically, which is a huge waste of fabric. Don’t be afraid to cut out pieces individually (especially with a plaid. Is there anyone in the word who can actually fold fabric in half, making the plaid match exactly, to only have to cut once? If so, you are much more god-like than me)

2) Be a goddamn wizard yeahhhhh

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3 Responses to I AM A FABRIC WIZARD

  1. Nessa says:

    Well done! *high fives* My Regency dress called for about 4 yards, I got it out of 3 in a similar way. Feels so good!

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