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Return to Captain America – making a parasol (or parashield or shieldasol)

So the last time I posted about Cap was over a year ago 😬 Somewhere in the beginning of the year, I decided to go back to this costume, just in case Jordan Con ended up happening. Well, it didn’t … Continue reading

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1790s / regency-ish painted shoes

After throwing my bodice mockup into the naughty corner (and also totally switching gears back to finish 1880s Captain America), I still needed a project that was a breather in between fitting. Enter shoes! Honestly, I would have been happy … Continue reading

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1790s outfit (or I just want to be a fluffy sailing ship)

New era time! So I’ve said for years I don’t like regency. To my modern eye, it just wasn’t a flattering thing. (Not sure if it hurts or helps my view that you can literally hide a pregnancy there). Then … Continue reading

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The Two Types of Blackwork Coifs

Some Actual Research! (I know right? Usually I just look at other costumer’s blogs, and that’s not really real research). When pandemic started, my brain was absolute mush from trying to do my job and watch a 2 year old … Continue reading

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1890s Symington Corset – Construction

So last time, I drafted a corset pattern in September 2019. Then I got distracted by other projects, then a MOTHER FUCKING PANDEMIC. Daycare closed for 3 months, so I had a full time job (which thankfully gave me a … Continue reading

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1890s Symington Corset – Fitting

Hooboy, so I started this corset a while ago. Back in July 2019 when pandemics didn’t exist, I thought I might have time to make a new corset to wear with my Captain America Bustle for Jordan Con in April … Continue reading

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American Duchess Cape – Sewing it up

After the ridiculousness that was FOUR MOCKUPS FOR A FRIGGIN CAPE sewing it up was nice and straightforward. The outer fabric was an easy choice. I’ve had some dark gray wool satin in my stash since 2012 (sheesh both my … Continue reading

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American Duchess Cape (Cult) – Fitting

Like most folks who do historical costuming (or any sewing) on the internet, you may have heard of the free American Duchess Cape pattern. I volunteered to host a sewalong on for this (as it crosses over to cosplay … Continue reading

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Blackwork Elizabethan Coif

So 6 months ago the world fucking shut down (except the US didn’t actually shut down enough to prevent 200 thousand deaths. I have a lot of angry opinions right now. Anyways.). Daycare was closed, and my husband and I … Continue reading

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Captain America Bustle bodice – construction

Usually construction is the easy part, but this bodice had finicky steps where order mattered. Everything is made out of the blue Joann cotton sateen, flatlined with polished cotton. First, the sleeve needed the white decorative cuff added. I thought … Continue reading

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