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Wearing History Leslie skirt

This is technically a 1950s pattern, so we’ll sneak it under the historical/vintage umbrella yes? So I rarely buy patterns; these days I mostly draft my own or work off existing ones I have. But Wearing History came out with … Continue reading

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A leather hip pouch

Wait what? So yeah, I added leatherworking to my arsenal of crafting. It had a reason – I decided to make Moiraine’s formal outfit – leather bolero included – for the JordanCon costume contest. But rather than start with the … Continue reading

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A fantasy fairy outfit – part two skirt fail but then a pretty great result

Per my usual, the last post was in January about an outfit I worked on in September/October to wear in November. Par for the course around here, I’d rather spend time sewing than blogging about sewing, sorry loyal readers. A … Continue reading

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A fantasy fairy outfit – part one corset fail

I had some sewing plans. Then I got invited to a wedding with a dress code “fantasy dress encouraged” hold up it’s new outfit time!!!! I pretty much based the outfit off of wanting another fantasy cape, because they are … Continue reading

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1790s open robe photos

So 1790s, with gathering under the bust, is known for making you look rather pregnant. Note, it probably won’t make you look *this* pregnant, but I was 39 weeks pregnant here and literally had a baby the next day. I … Continue reading

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1790s open robe construction

And we are finally at the reason I started a 1790s project in the first place! (Also, this post has literally been in draft since February. Which is also when I had a baby, which explains everything). As I posted … Continue reading

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1790s round gown – construction

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1790s round gown – construction

A round gown is so-named because it had the skirt attached all the way around the bodice, in contrast to so many 18th century gowns which were open in front to show the petticoat underneath. (If saying “round” makes you … Continue reading

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1790s petticoat

Because time is wibbly wobbly (especially in whatever year this is), in March 2020 I posted about planning a 1790s outfit all based on an amazing fabric I was gifted for an open robe. Apparently the only thing I posted … Continue reading

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A big photo post to finish out Captain America

So back in July folks were getting vaccinated, Jordan Con required proof of vaccination to attend, and Delta wasn’t a thing yet, so I was comfortable flying out there! As usual my suitcase was half filled with costume because bustle … Continue reading

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