On Sergers

Let’s talk about all the good and bad things of this morning:

The bad:

By my calculations, the 9 rows of ruffles on my petticoat is something like 30 yards of ruffles.

The good:

Firefly is a space western, meaning it takes place in the Future! So I have absolutely zero qualms about using modern shortcuts, like a serger, on my ruffles. I don’t care how vaguely post war or rural-esque settings the show has, I guarantee you they kept around sewing machines and sergers. Those things are more time saving than dishwashers and vacuum cleaners when it comes to (traditionally womens’) labor.

The bad:

The serger is at work, so I popped over to work on my day off just to use it.

The good:

Holy crap you guys, I work at a place that has a serger! There is a whole maker space, with a little sewing corner. There’s even an embroidery machine which I mean to play around with next.

The bad:

It’s a communal space, which means people who don’t know what they are doing use the machines. The last two times I went to use the serger someone has messed it up (broken needle, wonky threading, etc), and of course not notified the mailing list.

The good:

I’ve gotten quite good at threading the serger! I am no longer terrified of it!


I think it’s time to buy my own serger. It basically solves all the problems listed above.

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