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A late bustle era petticoat

No shocker to anyone that undergarments have to be done before you can start the main costume! I hate drafting skirt patterns (my cutting table isn’t really big enough for it) so I decided to just throw money at the … Continue reading

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A quick bustle

or, I like moderate butts and I cannot lie. I never liked the bumroll I originally made for my Ada Lovelace gown, as it gave too much of a shelf-appearance instead of gently enhanced backside (apparently I never took any … Continue reading

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2017 recap

2017 recap in March, so basically par for the course on this blog. I started off slow by working on a Wheel of Time costume for Jordan Con, of the character Sevanna: From January through July I worked on all … Continue reading

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Chemise de bal – a fancy edwardian chemise

Wait, what? Why am I posting about an Edwardian chemise when I’m supposed to be working on my 18th century dress, which I am definitely already behind on? So on Thursday I leave for JordanCon, the very best convention in the … Continue reading

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A (mumblecentury) pocket

Since in this modern world, you can pry my cell phone out of my cold dead hands, I figured I needed a pocket to wear with the upcoming 18th century dress (which I still haven’t told you about) so I … Continue reading

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Oh My God Becky, Look At Her Bumroll

I’m planning a 1780s dress (I promise to tell you about it eventually), and needed some new junk-in-the-trunk support garments. My previous dress used pocket hoops, but those are so passé by the time you get to 1780. I read … Continue reading

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Finished shift

The piece of shi(f)t is done! I practiced my deep breathing, and ended up removing and re-sewing the backwards sleeve, plus removing and resewing the backwards cuff. Then onto a new skill for me, handmade buttonholes. I went off of … Continue reading

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An 18th century shift

I have some fun 18th century sewing plans coming up, which I shall describe in EXTREME detail in a future post (due to doing a ton of Research). That means it is finally time I make an actual shift, instead … Continue reading

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A Victorian/Edwardian Chemise

After the 4 month marathon of the last dress, I needed something nice and chill to get back into the swing of sewing. Since none of the summer session sewing classes at Canada College appealed to me, I decided to … Continue reading

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HSM #2 Tucks and Pleats – A Tucked Petticoat

Long ago, in the days of last summer, I intended to make a late 1830s dress for Halloween. As part of that, I started this petticoat sometime around August. And then never got around to putting a waistband on it, … Continue reading

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