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A fantasy fairy outfit – part one corset fail

I had some sewing plans. Then I got invited to a wedding with a dress code “fantasy dress encouraged” hold up it’s new outfit time!!!! I pretty much based the outfit off of wanting another fantasy cape, because they are … Continue reading

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1890s Symington Corset – Construction

So last time, I drafted a corset pattern in September 2019. Then I got distracted by other projects, then a MOTHER FUCKING PANDEMIC. Daycare closed for 3 months, so I had a full time job (which thankfully gave me a … Continue reading

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1890s Symington Corset – Fitting

Hooboy, so I started this corset a while ago. Back in July 2019 when pandemics didn’t exist, I thought I might have time to make a new corset to wear with my Captain America Bustle for Jordan Con in April … Continue reading

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Augusta Stays by Scroop Patterns and Virgils Fine Goods

Back in June I volunteered to be a pattern tester for the Augusta Stays, made by Scroop Patterns and Virgil’s Fine Goods! I was very excited for this pattern, because my previous pair of stays (sheesh, 4 years ago at … Continue reading

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2016 recap

All the cool kids are doing it, so here’s what I made this year: January through April I spent all my time on my Jordan Con costume contest entry, my magnum opus, the floofiest froof of a dress to ever exist, … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Covering Garters

So pretty much every single corset of the 1910s had garters attached. Observe: However, unlike in the 1910s, you can’t just buy wide ruffled elastic is multiple colors today. Even my attempts on etsy to find some totally failed. This … Continue reading

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More tedious stuff

Did I say cutting fabric was boring? I lied, inserting grommets is worse. Especially when this is a long line corset, meaning 18 grommets per side. I have an assembly line of tools I use for making the holes in which … Continue reading

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Just Tedious Stuff

Cutting out the corset. Every piece is cut out in coutil twice, then in taffeta. I cut every layer individually since it’s too easy to get wiggly pieces or extra millimeters if you tried to cut something as thick as coutil … Continue reading

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Corset Fitting

The corset I am making is Truly Victorian Late Edwardian Corset. I am making the view with the higher bust. First, before even cutting anything out, I shortened each pattern piece by 2″ above the waist. The pattern underarm-to-waist measurement is … Continue reading

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First Romantic corset mock

I ended up going with Past Patterns 708. It’s probably a little late for the era, most evidence points to something more like the earlier regency patterns. But I like that it had a busk and was strapless, and I … Continue reading

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