More tedious stuff

Did I say cutting fabric was boring? I lied, inserting grommets is worse. Especially when this is a long line corset, meaning 18 grommets per side.

I have an assembly line of tools I use for making the holes in which to insert grommets. 1) Tiny awl (yes, the thing costs as much as a single stamp!) for the initial hole. 2) Larger awl to make the hole bigger. 3) Interchangeable knitting needs of whatever size I need.

I try to only push the threads out of the way and not cut any, as that weakens the hole a bit. However, 2 layers of taffeta and coutil are SUPER TOUGH and I needed to cut a few threads in order to get the grommet in.

I could only do 5ish grommets at a time before my wrists started complaining, so this took a few days. I alternated with sewing in the boning casing.

Also, despite my best efforts, I think I have put in a grommet backwards in every single corset I have made.


It’s definitely not worth it to take it out and fix it, as I learned when I hammered in a grommet but forgetting to put the washer on the back. Good god was it hard to remove.

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2 Responses to More tedious stuff

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve done the same on every corset I’ve ever made too…even the wedding one for my best friend. -____-

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