2016 recap

All the cool kids are doing it, so here’s what I made this year:

January through April I spent all my time on my Jordan Con costume contest entry, my magnum opus, the floofiest froof of a dress to ever exist, my Kaylee shindig dress:


This consisted of the ruffled and wired hoop, the bodice, and the skirt. I was able to wear this again at the Costume College gala and I can’t wait for a chance to wear this again!

Next up in May I needed a breather, and made a chemise that can work for most of the late 1800s:

full length

In June I made a 1910s corset (which I still haven’t taken photos of or done a final writeup of, bad blogger). I was going to take photos this weekend, but then I came down with a cold and taking cute photos was the last thing I wanted to do.

IMG_1006 (1)

In July I trimmed two hats, and made a 1912 afternoon gown for Costume College:



A straw hat where I bent one bit up in a jaunty angle. I brushed on melted gelatin to set it (actually works!) I wrapped a random lace sash around it, and glued on the least-fake looking flowers I could find at Joann.

straw cloche

A cloche made from a fedora using The Dreamstress’s tutorial. Glued on more of the fake flowers from the other hat, since I thought it looked pretty.

In August I took a break and did a bunch of regular hemming and mending.

In September and October I became the slowest sewer in the world, and made a dress for Melisandre from Game of Thrones (also slowest blogger as I still don’t have photos of this dress).

Apparently I did nothing for all of November? Sheesh.

In December I made a 1930s sundress for my Intro to Flat Pattern class at Cañada College


Not too bad! I only ended up with 3 new outfits, but I got some underpinnings and accessories out of the way. It is however confirmed that I am the slowest sewer compared to every other blogger I read, who all somehow managed to make 10 bajillion outfits each, corsets and undergarments included…

On to 2017! My first plan is a (more historically accurate) Eliza Hamilton (nee Schuyler) 1780s dress from the play Hamilton, plus a fun little cosplay thing for Jordan Con (Sevanna, for those who read Wheel of Time). After that, who knows, as I have waaay too many ideas floating around in my head…

Possibilities include:

  • early 1830s day dress for ginormous ugly sleeves
  • late 1830s day dress or late 1830s evening dress or both? When the giant sleeve has moved to the lower arm.
  • mid 1890s something or other, again for ginormous ugly sleeves (see a trend here?)
  • A really elaborately flossed and decorated corset.
  • Plus I have fabric for 1700s, I’d like a simple day dress instead of all fancy stuff.
  • Or using my new pattern drafting skills to do something 1930s that will actually fit me
  • Ditto above, but 1910s daywear
  • Oh and I desperately need a petticoat and corset cover for the bubblegum dress above because you can see the line of my corset on my hips, ick.
  • And do I really want to go on 3 years with nothing new to wear to the Renaissance Faire?
  • And I bought 10 yards of this amazing silk check which will be a wonderful bustle gown, or natural form gown, but that will take all new undergarments…
  • And I’m taking the Advanced Flat Pattern class at Cañada College which will require making a few things. Maybe I’ll make something 1920s for the final project as that could plausible fit the super skinny dress form *and* me…

You see my problem here.

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3 Responses to 2016 recap

  1. Nessa says:

    Wow, Molly! You made so many awesome things last year. I am still catching up on even presenting the few mediocre items I scrapped up last year *cough* ;). Can’t wait to see what you will be making this year!

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