Last minute bodice DISASTER

So it’s Tuesday night. I’ve finished sewing the zipper into the bodice, and am all like YEAH WOO because that means I only need to sew a few snaps and small things on Wednesday, before halloween at work on Thursday.

Can you spot the fail?

Can you spot the fail?

I go to put the bodice on.

It get’s a bit stuck.

I get Jeremy to try tugging it on.

No dice.


Remember any past posts with frustration gifs? I think this one beats all of them.

Think about it – any dress with a tightly fitted bodice has the zipper go all the way past the waist, because the dress needs to fit over the widest part of you. I sewed up that last inch of the bodice, meaning the bodice is closed over my waist – the narrowest part of me. No way in hell was that going to pull over my bust (or hips, if I went the other way).

So on Wednesday, I sucked it up, took out the fail zipper, and sewed in a new zipper that is open the whole way.

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