Elsa costume DONE

Just so happens that my Elsa gown also fits into the Historical Fortnightly sewalong! My second entry this year is for Challenge #20.

The Challenge: Alternative Universe.

Fabric: Blue poly satin, crinkle metallic organza, metallic overlay, blue tulle (all from Joann), snowflake printed fabric (from Etsy)

Pattern: Skirt – Folkwear 209 Walking Skirt. Bodice – altered from a fitted sloper. Cape – draped. Shirt – patterned off a regular long sleeve shirt.

Year: The skirt is Edwardian. Everything else is completely fantasy/modern.

Notions: Snaps, zipper, horsehair braid, spiral steel boning

How historically accurate is it? Not at all! The skirt pattern is a fairly accurate Edwardian, but the fabrics are pure fantasy. The bodice is made with Victorian corset techniques, but otherwise has no basis in history.

Hours to complete: Lots. Maybe 50+? I’ve been working on this pretty solidly for a month.

First worn: At work, for Googleween

Total cost:  Around $175. Fabrics ($84), Wig ($43), Shoes ($20), Notions etc ($25). If anyone asks me to make this for their kid, I will laugh at them :p

And some photos!

Bonus! Boyfriend surprised me with his Olaf costume!

Bonus! Boyfriend surprised me with his Olaf costume!

28 gw 2


We found Anna and another Elsa

We found Anna and another Elsa

Also, like all Disney princesses, Elsa is a friend to animals:



Bunny friend!

Bunny friend!

And the best part, turned out this costume was a cat trap! This cat loved me SO MUCH. She would not leave my cape and spend tons of time attacking it and sitting on it. I want to be friends with ALL the cats so I do not object to this.

32 cat

33 cat

And we are done for Halloween this year! Next up, back to my historical roots as I need an 1890s evening bodice and 1930s dress by mid-January.

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8 Responses to Elsa costume DONE

  1. Caroola says:

    Wow – really like the dress ,especially the cape. Could the other Elsa tell how superior your gown was? Where was that cat? Pretty funny that it would sit on the cape while you were wearing it
    I am surprised- but I like you as a blonde.

    • avantgarbe says:

      I could dye my hair blonde while Jane does brown and it would be weiiiiird

      The other Elsa did not say, so I contented myself with feeling a leeeetle bit superior inside.

  2. Jane Weiss says:

    Well done!! Love it!

  3. Hi everyone. I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs!

  4. I’m sure everyone is wondering about my costume as well.

    Hours to complete: 1.

    Total cost: Around $20. White and orange face paint from Halloween Surplus ($6), long sleeved white T shirt from Target ($13), shiny black stock paper from Jo-Ann ($0.75).

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