Making of Elsa’s wig

Not being a blonde, this costume is going to require my first-ever wig. I bought the wig at Diddums, since they are a few blocks away.

Armed with some Youtube videos, I got to it.

I don’t have a wig stand. Luckily, the fiancee has a head and therefore can be a wig stand, albeit with a few more opinions. (Hey, if you are going to marry a seamstress, you have to get used to this kind of thing, in addition to learning how to lace a corset, finding pins in the couch, and generally having glitter everywhere).

First, I sectioned off a little bit of the front hair, which would be the bangs-layer-things. The short bangs were already part of the wig.

23 wig side
I did a French braid in the back.

24 wig back

The I cut the long bits left in front a bit shorter, and attempted to hair spray them back so they would lie nicely.

So pretty!

So pretty!

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1 Response to Making of Elsa’s wig

  1. Caroola says:

    It must be true love to wear and be photographed wearing a blond Elsa wig.

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