Costume College recap

A quick post to recap the rest of what I wore to Costume College. Lots of other bloggers have posted pictures of it, so I’m not posting any (also, as usual, I never actually took out my camera to take any ahem).

Friday during the day I didn’t dress up, because I was taking a class on foam fabrication and didn’t want to risk messing up my clothes.

For the Friday evening ice cream social, I pulled out my Venetian Gown.


I think this gown is due for yet more alterations. I originally made this gown to wear over a small Elizabethan chemise and not the much fuller Venetian camicia, which means the sleeves and straps are too tight and I can’t get them high up enough on my shoulders. Hmph.

For the Gala, I wore my Kaylee dress. So much floof!

Costume College 2016

After a few hours in that dress, I got tired of taking up a 5 foot radius, and changed into my 1930s gown. It was awesome to be able to walk through a crowd without banging into people!



The next day I wore 1920s. The dress is from the 1970s or so, and I just chopped off the bottom to make it mid-calf instead of floor length. One day I’d like to cut off the whole skirt and dub it an Edwardian petticoat what with all that insertion lace and ruffles… I also altered a straw fedora from Target into a cloche following The Dreamstress’s tutorial, although the hat is really doing its best to keep the fedora shape.

img_1049 img_1046

Phew! After Costume College I took the month of August to do all the boring sewing and mending I had been putting off including:

  • hemming 3 pairs of pants
  • sewing a button onto a jacket which had fallen off at least 2 years ago
  • hemming and taking up the straps of a bridesmaid dress I was wearing (all those rolled hems on the Kaylee dress were excellent practice for giving me the courage to do this).

Now onto sewing for Halloween!

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