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Blackwork Elizabethan Coif

So 6 months ago the world fucking shut down (except the US didn’t actually shut down enough to prevent 200 thousand deaths. I have a lot of angry opinions right now. Anyways.). Daycare was closed, and my husband and I … Continue reading

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Costume College recap

A quick post to recap the rest of what I wore to Costume College. Lots of other bloggers have posted pictures of it, so I’m not posting any (also, as usual, I never actually took out my camera to take … Continue reading

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A little bit of sewing

I never did finish all the trim on my English Lady dress from 2 years ago. In preparation for Renn Faire season, I popped some trim on the skirt. A 2 inch wide velvet band going over the hem (which … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Sebastopol

Finally, some pictures of my updated Venetian dress (fuller skirt, higher back waistline, new camicia, new partlet), first worn to Much Ado About Sebastopol 2014. I never did figure out something good to do with my hair, so I cut out … Continue reading

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Finished Venetian accessories

I did in fact finish everything in time for Sebastopol faire! But, I don’t actually have any of the photos yet, so to tide you over, here are some cell-phone pictures of the accessories. Here is the finished camicia: (with an … Continue reading

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A success and a failure

Good news first eh? In the last lesson, we agreed that Piecing Is Period. So here are the results of that! Here is the dress on the dress form following the 5 foot rule And zooming in for a closeup: … Continue reading

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A step by step process of some boring work that no one besides me will notice the difference! When I first made this dress, the back V went down way too low past my waist. Gave it a much more 18th-century … Continue reading

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Piecing is period. Piecing is period. Piecing is period

So jumping around in topics a bunch to get this Venetian updated for the Much Ado About Sebastopol faire in two weeks. On the original post for this dress, I mentioned the major changes I wanted to make: Trimming down the V point … Continue reading

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Partlet middle-et?

So I went after my partlet with a pair of scissors. And after cutting off a whole bunch, it shockingly fit pretty well? Compare the new chopped up pattern to the original:   You can see I smoothed out the … Continue reading

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Partlet start(let)

Camicia is basically done (I realize I could use cuffs on the sleeves, but I’m bored working on it) and turning my thoughts to a partlet. I only want to use what I have in my stash, but heyo I have … Continue reading

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