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1790s round gown – construction

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A big photo post to finish out Captain America

So back in July folks were getting vaccinated, Jordan Con required proof of vaccination to attend, and Delta wasn’t a thing yet, so I was comfortable flying out there! As usual my suitcase was half filled with costume because bustle … Continue reading

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A Fantasy Cape + pseudo tutorial

Like many folks, I’ve ogled over the beautiful fantasy dresses over at Firefly Path. While it would take some serious doing (and I’m not sure I have the skills) to make a dress like that, the capes seemed within the … Continue reading

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American Duchess Cape – Sewing it up

After the ridiculousness that was FOUR MOCKUPS FOR A FRIGGIN CAPE sewing it up was nice and straightforward. The outer fabric was an easy choice. I’ve had some dark gray wool satin in my stash since 2012 (sheesh both my … Continue reading

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Fabmo Haul

Fabmo is an awesome volunteer-run store-ish place that gets crafty type donations from designers and sells them at discount prices in order to prevent the stuff from going into landfills. I had no plans to go to their last open … Continue reading

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Redonkulous Sleeves, plus Hilarious Notes from the Workwoman’s Guide

Last up, I made a bodice! Next, I needed to figure out how to do ridiculous late 1830s sleeves. By this point, the fullness had collapsed at the top of the arm, leaving you with all the fullness from the … Continue reading

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I’ve hit a landmark occasion in a seamstress’s life…

when you use up your first bolt of muslin and have to buy a new one! It probably took me around 4 years to use up that first bolt, which actually seems pretty short when I think about it. Tips and … Continue reading

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Oh hey I have a blog

So that Ada Lovelace dress I was working on for Halloween. Given that I am currently finishing up wedding planning (3 weeks left!) and taking a real sewing class (details below!), the only way to finish in time would be … Continue reading

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The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

Squee! Nessa of Sewing Empire nominated me for The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award! Thank you so much Nessa for my first ever award! Seriously, since I’m still not sure anyone actually reads this thing (my lack of posting is not … Continue reading

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The problem with sewing in winter

I’m too cold to take off my sweatshirt to try on this mockup…

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