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Steel Inquisitor Vin – 1840s skirt

Skirt time! 1840s skirts are just big rectangles so no pattern needed. I cut three 40″ long panels from my fabric to make a skirt around 135″ around (and making sure to leave enough length for the hem and the … Continue reading

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A quick bustle

or, I like moderate butts and I cannot lie. I never liked the bumroll I originally made for my Ada Lovelace gown, as it gave too much of a shelf-appearance instead of gently enhanced backside (apparently I never took any … Continue reading

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Steel Inquisitor Vin + a new 1840s gown

So this was supposed to be the year of the bustle. Seriously, I have the fabric for four different bustle gowns. But, I ran out of time to turn the last dress link into a Captain America bustle gown for Jordan … Continue reading

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A large and rambunctious 1830s bonnet, and some 1830s outings

I made a late 1830s dress for Dickens in 2018, and had a number of changes I wanted to make afterwards. So of course, I didn’t touch it for a year while I worked on keeping a baby alive instead. … Continue reading

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Rey (and BaBy-8)

Hello blog! This time I have a real excuse for not posting, and that’s the 8 weeks  5 months 7 months old baby! (the crossouts tell you how long this has been in draft). There are a lot more photos … Continue reading

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A Victorian Reticule

Woohoo, one item crossed off my pregnancy sewing list! Obviously, an accessory like a reticule does not involve my waistline at all, and is super handy for most of the Victorian era for carrying your stuff (like cell phones, keys, … Continue reading

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Fabmo Haul

Fabmo is an awesome volunteer-run store-ish place that gets crafty type donations from designers and sells them at discount prices in order to prevent the stuff from going into landfills. I had no plans to go to their last open … Continue reading

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Kwik Sew 3531

So I made a long list of sewing I could do during pregnancy that I could do without having a waistline (like accessories, small fixes to existing dresses, actually making something for my husband). Do you think any of this … Continue reading

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Orange Regency for Wine & Peace

The Greater Bay Area Costumer Guild put on a regency event called Wine & Peace at Wente Vinyards. Despite the fact that 1) I can’t really drink right now and 2) I don’t really like regency, I hacked together a … Continue reading

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18th Century at the Legion of Honor

I’m in the usual sew-all-the-things for Jordan Con mode, which does not leave any time for posting-the-things. But somehow I’ve ended up in a state where I can’t actually progress on anything tonight, so a catchup post it is! The … Continue reading

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