1790s open robe photos

So 1790s, with gathering under the bust, is known for making you look rather pregnant. Note, it probably won’t make you look *this* pregnant, but I was 39 weeks pregnant here and literally had a baby the next day. I tossed some fake curls in my hair, pulled out a ribbon, and took pictures stat because I knew there would pretty much be no upcoming chance after that (given this post is coming when baby is now 11 months, I was quite correct).

From the inside out I’m wearing a cami, bra-that-fakes-regency-stays, a strapped petticoat, round gown, the open robe, and my favorite part, the shoes I painted! Necklace and brooch are both Dames a la Mode.

Please caption this regency romance novel cover
Gonna have to keep turning my back to people because the back is the most dramatic and best part of the outfit
actually maybe the shoes are the best part!
(internal thoughts: get the baby out get the baby out I am *done* with this)

I’m still waiting for a place to wear this! Indoor only because a sheer white silk gown and long silk train don’t do so well dragging on the ground, plus warm weather because of sheer silk dress. And with that, a new era is added to my wardrobe!

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  1. Geetu Melwani says:

    Just WOW!

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