Steel Inquisitor Vin – final pics!

At Jordan Con, I did a photo shoot with my wonderful friend Kathy of A Life Condensed Photography, so all the beautiful shots below are thanks to her!

The Jordan Con hotel actually has a lot of beautiful greenery and nature-ish looking areas, which is totally useless when you are portraying a character in a red sun / ash falling / semi-apocalyptic wasteland, so we did our best.



Spikes going through my head!



Feeling pretty, might kill some Mistborn later, IDK



One change the final dress needs – the hem ended up an inch or so too long, but it’s going to be a pain to detach at the waist, take the skirt up, do the pleats again, and reattach. Or maybe I’ll just wear it with heels (which spoiler, I did at Costume College, minus the eye spikes).

A few more for fun:


Pre-judging selfie, with eye tattoos (eyeliner)


Found an Elend to murder!


Hey, even Steel Inquisitors get hungry.

This costume was so much fun to wear and make, and it nabbed me Best Workmanship in the costume contest, which is basically second to Best in Show! Woohoo! (But Best in Show, I’m still gunning for you…)

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5 Responses to Steel Inquisitor Vin – final pics!

  1. tanya2austin says:

    You could always take a tuck in the skirt under one of the flounces, so shorten it without touching the hem or the waist pleats!

    • avantgarbe says:

      Hmm, if there is enough room between the lace and the floor I might be able to do it there, to make sure it looks even. Or maybe doing two tucks, to make sure the spacing between flounces stays even? Or doing it with two tucks to the outside so it shows, if I can make it look decorative and purposeful…

  2. Jane von Halle says:

    I didn’t know you won best workmanship! So cool!!


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