18th Century at the Legion of Honor

I’m in the usual sew-all-the-things for Jordan Con mode, which does not leave any time for posting-the-things. But somehow I’ve ended up in a state where I can’t actually progress on anything tonight, so a catchup post it is!

The Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild went to see the Casanova exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. The theme was 18th century, so my choices were my saque, or my Eliza Schuyler italian gown. Since it’s a much easier to maneuver in, I went with Eliza Schuyler. My new addition was a bergere hat, which I trimmed with a bit of silk satin ribbon.

I believe this took exactly two Star Trek DS9 episodes to finish.

I wore my fichu on the outside of the dress, because I’m still super annoyed at how the shoulders always fall down. One day I need to suck it up, take the sleeves out, and reset the shoulder straps, but ugh that will be hours of boring work…

Here are some photos from the event:

At my end we were arguing really intently about whether a dress was an original or was made over later in the century. On the other end, they were examining some really cool ruched trim on a dress, trying to figure out how it was made. This is what happenings when costumers see extant dresses!

Green outfits in the stairwell

And here’s a fun extra – 18th century clothing is really quite excellent as maternity wear, since it’s relatively flexible in sizing.

While 18th century maternity corsets had side lacing, I just left the front lacing open a bit on my 19-week pregnant stomach:

Then I didn’t even bother sewing a proper stomacher, I just shoved a bit of extra material between the new gap in my bodice:

Just a wee bit more sticking out from the side!

And you can’t barely tell with my fichu ends covering the front!

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4 Responses to 18th Century at the Legion of Honor

  1. Nessa says:

    You look wonderful! 🙂 And I think we should introduce Star Trek episodes as a valid measure of sewing time, like really. 😉

  2. totchipanda says:

    I agree with Nessa, I definitely sewed a lot of things last year measured in how much Star Trek (DS9 specifically) I watched while I did it 😀

    I love your maternity hack too. Congratulations on your upcoming tiny human!

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