Oh My God Becky, Look At Her Bumroll

I’m planning a 1780s dress (I promise to tell you about it eventually), and needed some new junk-in-the-trunk support garments. My previous dress used pocket hoops, but those are so passé by the time you get to 1780.

I read about Aubry’s split bumroll for her 1780s quarter back gown, and since that’s exactly what I’ll be making, I figured I would make the same bumroll for myself.

Not much to talk about here – I freehanded a pattern, cut out some linen (leftover from the shift), stuffed it, and attached it to a waistband. I went with the waistband instead of ties because there are enough things tying around my waist with this costume (pocket, petticoat) that I wanted to avoid another tie.

I was originally going to stuff the bumroll with muslin scraps (I muslin everything, so I have a lot of useless scraps), but that really weighed it down. Since no-one likes a droopy bum, I bought some polyester stuffing and used that instead (Bless Your Heart if you thought the Joann near me would actually have any kind of wool batting…)



Basically a self portrait of me in my new bumroll

Basically a self portrait of me in my new bumroll

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1 Response to Oh My God Becky, Look At Her Bumroll

  1. C weiss says:

    That’s a lot of Junk in the Trunk! 🍩

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