Can I throw every piece into the fire now?

This EXPLETIVE shift just does not want to get made.

After taking out the gathers, cutting down the shift sleeves and sewing them in, I popped the shift back on again. Sleeves were still too long. I ended up taking off another two inches from each. This left the cuff opening to only be about 1″ long on each sleeve, but I can still get it on so good enough.

I just spend some time practicing my first hand-sewn buttonholes before putting the actual ones on. Just grabbed the shift to draw on the buttonholes.

One shift sleeve is inside out. I sewed it the wrong way. I can either take out the whole thing and flip it, or leave the gore inside out and redo the cuff.

The other sleeve is right-side out, except for the cuff. Only way to fix it is to finish the cuff.

Fuck this noise. I’m shoving this shift into a corner and doing something else.

All of these items are my shift

All of these items are my shift

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