Kaylee Shindig Dress

I finished this outfit at 6pm the night before my flight! (This is an improvement over last year, when I finished at midnight the night before).

I am so thrilled with how this turned out. This is one of the outfits that I look at and go “zomg I can’t believe I actually MADE that!”

This dress got me third place in the costume contest at JordanCon! (Check out first and second here).


Photo by Rina Wesel


Photo by Leslie Annis


Photo by Leslie Annis


Photo by Leslie Annis


Photo by Amy Romanczuk


Photo by Triquetra Productions

And if you are still interested in more:

Read the dress diary

Full photo album

Concept: A copy of Kaylee’s dress from the Firefly episode Shindig.

Fabrics: Cotton organdy (Renaissance Fabrics), Southern Belle Cotton (Amazon), vintage sari and dupatta (ebay),  silk chiffon in rose, peach, and white (Dharma Trading) .

Notions: Pink polyester organza ribbon in various colors, satin buttons, invisible zipper, hoop boning and connectors.


  • Hoopskirt and petticoat – self drafted
  • Bodice and sleeves – significantly altered from Truly Victorian 490

First worn: 2016 JordanCon


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11 Responses to Kaylee Shindig Dress

  1. Katie Lovely says:

    So adorable! I love Kaylee, and this dress (and episode, and series…) and this is just fantastic!

  2. C weiss says:

    It seems that the judges go more for characterization then creativity and work. You was robbed ,!

  3. Congratulations on your win! You put a lot of hard work into the dress and it shows!

  4. Terahlyanwë says:

    It looks amazing!

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