Edwardian Half-Mourning Outfit

Oh hello! Since I last posted I 1) got married and 2) finished my pants drafting class, so that pretty much took up all my time. But the pants ended up not fitting (although I know what changes to make) so I threw them in the corner and am ignoring them. In the meantime, I’m putting together an outfit for the GBACG picnic at Cypress Lawn Cemetary.

The suggested attire is Victorian mourning, but I had some pieces I can finagle into Edwardian half-mourning, so that’s what I’m going with. Victorian I would have had to start from scratch.

I’m mostly cobbling this together from things I have, so this outfit qualifies more as historically-inspired costume than an actual historical outfit.

Skirt: A friend-of-a-friend was getting rid of all her costumes, and I got a gorgeous 1890s (late 1890s I think?) bodice and matching skirt. Although the skirt is actually Adriana Papell poly chiffon over poly satin, probably from Macys. I needed to shorten it and did that at the top, still using the elastic it came with. It ended up being more work than I expected, it probably would have been the same work to do a proper waistband. Hrmph.

Top: I’ve got a blouse from a thrift store which reads Edwardian. It has a high neck (which looks frumptastically hilarious on me since I have an exceedingly short neck), pintucks, lace cutouts, and this giant yoke/capelet on top which I can’t actually document in anything period. The yoke makes it top heavy enough that it is more later-Edwardian (with the s-curve shape), but close enough. Since the blouse is white, I am Officially dubbing this outfit half-mourning, rather than full mourning.

Wearing this all over my wear-for-everything-after-1850s corset, a bridal A-line petticoat, and some Victorian-ish boots I found on Amazon (American Duchess was more than I wanted to spend, plus those shoes start at size 6 and I’m a 5.5).

I *am* putting more work in on the accessories. So far the plan is to make a plain black wool cape (because I don’t have time to make a jacket, and it’s finally gotten cold here so I need something on top of a blouse!) and a floofy ridiculous hat. Pictures coming.

So yeah, I have a blouse which reads as early 1900s, a corset that I use for everything Victorian, a conical skirt (which is more mid 1890s), and a cape from an actual 1895 pattern. So vaguely Edwardian half-mourning it is!

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2 Responses to Edwardian Half-Mourning Outfit

  1. marissaklein says:

    Glad you’re back!

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