A little bit of sewing

I never did finish all the trim on my English Lady dress from 2 years ago. In preparation for Renn Faire season, I popped some trim on the skirt. A 2 inch wide velvet band going over the hem (which protects the hem, and can be replaced when it’s too dirty), and a narrower trim down the skirt opening and around the bottom.


no skirt tirm

No trim on the skirt yet

kaylee helps

A very helpful cat



Some other pictures from the San Jose Renaissance Faire:





Delicious mead tasting! I also really need a new coif, I don’t have quite enough hair to fill out the back and I get that ugly droopy bit in back.


A fun ribbon-on-sticks game

Alas I’m not wearing this today at my favorite ever faire, Much Ado About Sebastopol. I hurt my foot a few weeks ago, and can’t walk on it for a long period of time. So maybe next year the dress will finally get the last bit of sleeve trim…


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