Sleeve flounces

Not a lot to say here either. My friend graciously scaled up these flounces for me as well. I can’t figure out why the middle flounce had the band that went all the way around the sleeve, rather than the top flounce. Wouldn’t you want that one to cover the seams of the others? Janet Arnold patterned a set of 3 flounces that did this as well. I still don’t get it. So, I decided to leave the top flounce off, and go with a set of two flounces. Equally period.

Cut them out using pinking shears, gathered them up, and pinned them on.

31 flounce fail

I have got to start taking photos in better lighting.

I had the narrowest part of the flounce attach to where the sleeve went in. Looking at this, that ended up being way too towards the inside of my arm. I think you want that opening more towards the top, otherwise it doesn’t sit nicely on your arm. I wasn’t about to take out the sleeve and rotate the whole thing an inch back (after topstitching the should strap on already), so instead I just rotated the flounces outward a bit.

32 better flounce

The flounce center is no longer aligned with the sleeve, but whee no one can tell!

I’m still not sure if this is a result of not-great sleeve altering, or not-great sleeve placement. I think I’ll try scaling up a Janet Arnold sleeve for my next 18th century dress, and we’ll see what happens.

I ended up taking lace off my previous incarnation of a Moiraine dress. Reusing of lace from an old dress, can’t get more period than that!

35 previous sleeve

Sigh, I still loved these sleeves, but I know I will never wear the dress again. I have some ideas about making it again in a fantasy goth-y red and black…

Since the lace was too short on it’s own to really fill out the bottom of the flounce, I attached it onto a bit of linen (also recovered from those other sleeves). The linen got a narrow rolled hem, and the lace loosely stitched onto the crescent shaped bit. The flat part got pleated to fit a satin ribbon that would fit just below my elbows.

33 rolled sleeve hem

And then I had engageantes!

36 engageantes

These were basted on the inside of the sleeves, and can be removed and attached to any future dress that needs it.

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