Draping straps

This was an exciting moment – the stays are finally enough put together for a first try-on. And you never know how any foundation garment will fit until you put it on for the first time.

11 progress front 12 progress back

Eeeeee!!! These look awesome!

Compare the back to this extant pair:

I’ve got a nice even lacing gap in the back. The wrinkles around the waist that I saw in the mockup expectedly went away once I cut into the tabs.

They are bound with leather that I bought from the auto-supply store. The nice thing about leather is no fraying, just leave all the ends raw.

Binding around all those edges took for-freaking-ever. I assumed that I could bang out the binding in a weekend and HA HA NO that did not happen. (Maybe if I sat on the couch and marathoned it for 8+ hours straight, but I had things to do [mostly wedding planning related, which is eeee-worthy in and of itself])

To drape the strap, I had the fiancee pin a piece of fabric to the back stub. Then I laid it over my shoulder, and drew out where it looked like a strap should be.

13 strap side 14 shoulders

Here you can see my problem with straps. I’ve got really narrow slopey shoulders, so pretty much all straps want to fall off (this is a problem with my bra straps as well). In order to have the strap actually on my shoulder, you can see there are only a few inches before my neck starts. Sooo narrow.

15 yay scrapsThe final strap pattern. Here I felt super vindicated for having saved the tiniest scraps of linen.

(Yes, that shape does resemble exactly what you think).


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  1. Carol Weiss says:

    Amusing. We won’t let Jane know you used something from Friends !

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