Finishing the 1890s top

Nothing super exciting happening on my First Lady top. All pretty standard stuff. Baste fabric to lining, sew the pieces together, add some boning channels, use a bias facing on the top and bottom, sew on a bunch of trim.

19 trimYou can see the tiny pleats held in by pins, since I need to fit a straight-edge trim to a curved-edge neckline.

I had no intention of overcasting all my seams inside, but I’m on vacation for a week, so I can’t continue working on getting a fitted mockup of my 1930s dress. So since I’m basically done with this bodice and have no other sewing to do with me, I started overcasting them. It does look pretty.

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3 Responses to Finishing the 1890s top

  1. Nessa says:

    Oo. I love the embroidered fabric. 🙂

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