Muslin tweaks


So last time, I had all that excess droopiness around the shoulder area. I tried pinching out about a half inch all across the back.

24 no more droop

Woohoo that looks really good! I was so happy about this; I felt like such a real seamstress. Like, I’m at the point where I can look at a mockup, see where it is wrong, and KNOW HOW TO FIX IT. This is EXCITING!

It’s surprising how much the fabric tells you what needs to be fixed.

Here’s an interesting fix – this is the front piece.
25 dart goes into frontNotice at the right, how the fabric I pinched out at the back went all the way around into this front piece. That’s basically like a tiny little dart there! Since I don’t want a dart in the side of the front, I’m going to need to rotate that dart so it ends up going into the front darts which are already there.

Basically this:

I’m going to wait until I’ve cut out the new back pieces before fixing this front piece though, they might interact together in an unexpected way.


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