Making of elsa random stuff

At the part of this project where it’s really boring to read about because it’s really rote (although it’s the part of sewing I enjoy, aka doing sewing and not patterning).

Stuff I’ve done:

  1. Made a few yards of bias tape
  2. Sewed bias tape to bottom of skirt for facing
  3. cut out 5 layers of bodice fabric (2 inner strength layers, 3 outer visible layers (mesh on sheer on shiny)
  4. Hand baste the top layers together
  5. Sew each layer (with being good about pressing each seam on both sides, then pressing it open
  6. Pinning the two inner layers together, matching them up exactly
  7. sewing boning channels (one on each side of the seam, plus one in the middle of each piece
  8. And what I’m in the middle of, cutting all the spiral steel bones I need

A few bonus pictures:


Pile of bodices - 2 strength layers and outer shell

Pile of bodices – 2 strength layers and outer shell

Pile of bodice tape

Pile of bodice tape

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