Still head over heels for slopers

So, moar bodice mockups. Last time, I decided that I wanted a princess seam that went over the bust (to the shoulder, if there was a shoulder here), and not to the armpit, as that is much more standard on bodices. Compare #1 to #2 in this link.

My original sloper pattern has standard bust and waist darts, so I scrounged the internet for modifying darts into a princess seam.

And just did it. Seriously, that was the first real flat-pattern manipulation I’ve ever done. I feel like a real seamstress! Especially after the skirt fitting shenanigans this feels really good.

Cut muslin, sew together.

ahhh I love it so much

You can see where I have traced in a line for the sweetheart neckline

so much <3 for slopers that fit

so much ❤ for slopers that fit

And for fun, a bonus picture with the skirt (which is awkward tucked into my pants in the back to hold it up).

15 bonus mockup with skirt

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1 Response to Still head over heels for slopers

  1. Carol Weiss says:

    Its looking really good. Are you making it for the Halloween costume top or something else.

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