Upcoming plans

I had a nice leisurely plan for my next costumes. I knew that I needed a 1910s evening dress (including corset) for January 8th (where Danse Libre will be performing vintage dance to the musical stylings of the Peninsula Symphony!), and I also have plans for a somewhat time-consuming halloween costume.

Then I found out that I need to make the top of my First Lady Dress by December 8th for another performance.

Ahhhh that is a few weeks I did not budget for.

So, I am officially on sewing lock down from now until January 9th. If I can finish my Halloween costume + 1890s top by end of October, that leaves me November + December for a 1910s corset and dress. Other undergarments such as chemise and petticoats will definitely not be happening. Noting that there are a ton of holidays in there when I will be travelling, and that dress will require extensive draping, which I have never done before.


Right back atcha Tim Gunn.

And just for fun, a quick guessing game!

Given that I have bought the following fabrics for my Halloween costume, what will I be dressing up as?

And the fairly obvious giveaway:

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