Clothing from this century?

I wanted a break from historical stuff, and figured a cute wool skirt for work fit the bill.

Modern stuff is kinda a revelation. A single yard of fabric? Iron-in interfacing?

Seriously, I’m cool to hand sew 30 eyelets on a kirtle, but ask me to sew in one invisible zipper and I’m all

This is a dark fuschia wool which is literally the oldest fabric left in my stash. Still have ~3.5 yards left for future projects. Got it from Joann sale section years ago (and man do you remember the days when Joann actually had wool? The Joann near me is terrible, the closest it gets to wool is a cross-stitch patterns of moths.)

I did toss this wool in the wash and dryer before using. I find if you run it on a delicate cycle in the wash, and not too hot in the dryer, there are no problems. I actually prefer the post-washing texture, which is a bit softer/fuzzier than the pre-wash, but YMMV.

Cut stuff, sewed stuff (including an invisible zipper BY HAND. I don’t have an invisible zipper foot for my machine and didn’t feel like buying one. Next time I used a regular zipper with a lapped placket).

Look how cute!

wool skirt 2

Tried skirt on.

wool skirt 1

Not Cute.

I totally half-assed the fitting of the yoke, and this shows it. Instead of sitting around or a bit below my waist, the skirt is wayyyyy down on my hips. I could wear it there, but I would have to take so much off the bottom to get it above knee-height (tea length is not a good look for this under-5-foot-woman) that the yoke and skirt would be around the same length. And that is way too school girl for my liking.

Ugh this is going straight into the back of the closet until I get up the energy to fix it, which sewing-wise will actually be about the same amount of work as starting over, minus fabric cutting.

Or are any of my readers around a modern size 8-10 and interested in a trade of some sort?

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  1. Molly says:

    Ohmygod I’d forgotten about The Word and it is still one of my favorite recurring bit formats of all time forever.

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