Finished Venetian accessories

I did in fact finish everything in time for Sebastopol faire! But, I don’t actually have any of the photos yet, so to tide you over, here are some cell-phone pictures of the accessories.

Here is the finished camicia:

16 camicia done

(with an awkward yardstick stuck in the arms, to show that it does have arms)

This thing is a ridonkulous amount of fabric.

And a closeup of the neckline, sans lace:

The band is a straight grain of fabric handsewn on

The band is a straight grain of fabric handsewn on

And here is the finished partlet:

18 partlet flat

It is entirely handsewn. I did a rolled hem on the silk organza (which I plan to put up a tutorial for) which makes the teensiest hems ever. The lace is some sort of gold poly thing that I got cheap on etsy.

Have you noticed the major mistake on here?

19 partlet on camicia

on the form for a hint

So, Venetian dresses are open in front to show the camicia. So that nice ribbon for tying the partlet on would *totally* show. I realized this when I was getting dressed for faire! So I untied all the ribbons, and hoped the partlet would magically stay in place.

While chatting with the lovely ladies of Bella Donna, I asked their secrets of keeping partlets in place. They immediately pulled out a bunch of straight pins, and starting pinning everything down. Seriously, straight pins are your best friend. The partlet stayed firmly in place all day. Thank you Bella Donna!

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2 Responses to Finished Venetian accessories

  1. Your dress was gorgeous!! And we’re always happy to straight pin 😉

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