A success and a failure

Good news first eh?

In the last lesson, we agreed that Piecing Is Period. So here are the results of that!

Here is the dress on the dress form following the 5 foot rule

No visible piecing!

No visible piecing!

And zooming in for a closeup:

skirt closeThere it is, but totally not noticeable from far away. I call this a success!

And for the less good. Hair, while often an afterthought of costuming, is something that can really make the whole look come together. I wanted to try out hair taping, as shows in this fab tutorial by Morgan Donner.

I don’t have nearly enough hair to pull this off without assistance. My braids can reach halfway around my head, and are somewhat sad and un-full towards the ends. So, I bought some fake hair, and attempted to knot them together using her recommended Paranda method. You basically tie 3 pieces of hair together in such a way that it is easy to then braid it into your own.

While yarn will knot really nicely, the same is not true for fake hair. Try it on your own hair – if your hair is a similar texture to mine, if you tie in a big knot, it will immediately sproing out of said knot. I’m not really sure how to fix this issue. If this wouldn’t work with the hair on my head, it sure won’t work with higher quality fake hair. Maybe less high quality fake hair? But I only paid $3 for mine, so I’m not sure how to get less quality.

I also tried just braiding one of the fake pieces directly into a braid without any fancy knotting

hair looong

While it is fun looking, the tiny piece I added didn’t add enough volume to be useful, and it was really obvious where I had pinned it to my head.

I’m going to have to try this again, sometime when it is not 10pm before faire the next day.


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