Underskirts, or, how to be super lazy, and not care

So this dress has the overskirt cut away to show an underskirt with some lace:

No idea whether this was two separate skirts. I had always planned to line my skirt, but in order to avoid having to cut out a lining and an underskirt, I decided to dub the lining the underskirt and just have them go into the same waistband.

Something real victorian dresses did was have a cheapo fabric where it wouldn’t be visible, and the pretty fabric where it would. Makes sense!

So here’s mine:

13 underskirtI really just used the cotton sateen as a facing. On the left half of the skirt, the facing is ~16 inches (since there’s that big cutaway) and on the right half, it’s only 4 inches. Since it’s basically impossible to cut that facing to be the exact same dimensions as the muslin underskirt, the top stitching has tons of pleats and bubbles where I forced it to fit but

 since it’s not like anyone can see it anyways.


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3 Responses to Underskirts, or, how to be super lazy, and not care

  1. Nessa says:

    That sounds so much like my latest sleeve-facing slip-up. But the bottom of your skirt looks really lovely nevertheless. 🙂

    • avantgarbe says:

      Thanks! It’s sometimes nice to not worry about the details that literally no one will see. Good luck with the sleeves! Sleeves are definitely my arch-nemesis of sewing.

      • Nessa says:

        Yes, it makes things a little easier. And thanks. Actually the sleeves themselves are fine this time. But they are flared at the bottom and so the facing down there only looks okay from the top side. 😉 I will try and post about the finished garment in a while.

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