First Lady trim

So this dress has some whomping big trim on it.

Silver fleur de lis on green something.

I’ve been looking for wide trims to go on my purple version of this dress, and came across a bunch of Indian sari-border trims which I’m kinda digging.

Here’s the problem – I can’t tell if these are fabulous (said in a Tim Gunn voice), or if they are tacky-mctackster and will make me look like the Forever 21 knockoff equivalent of the 1890s. Since they ship from India, a swatch is a no-go. Thoughts? Anyone know where to get wide border non-tacky trim?

Update: I found some more which I think definitely fall under “classy” and not “oh god my eyes”. Now officially in love with this ebay store. The prices aren’t as shocking as they first appear, as most of the prices are actually for 2-3 yards.

Or taking this in a totally different direction:

Of course, this is my favorite, but at costing-more-per-yard-than-my-fabric can we get a “hell no” up in here.

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1 Response to First Lady trim

  1. Ida says:

    for the record, totally love the jacquard one – second picture under the ‘update’.

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