Danse Libre sewing project plan

Alrighty, back from Jcon, I’ve had a sewing break, so time to get back to work. Don’t mind me as I define everything in engineering terms, cause that’s what I do all day at work.

P0 (absolutely must be done by the spring show, as it impacts what I can dance in)

  • 1890s skirt. Leaning towards early 1890s, since that has more material, which makes it easier for me to do the high kicks in the 1890s dances. (Leaving out the jacket/bodice, since I’m still not sure whether to go for day or evening. I can just wear the skirt with a frilly edwardian blouse and call it good).

P1 (makes the whole look of the outfit better)

  • 1920s pink dress – make the waistband/ribbon more even around since it’s a bit wobbly right now
  • 1920s headband or other headpiece

P2 (nice to have)

  • tucker on green ballgown bodice
  • 1850s chemise to replace the tank top I currently wear under the gown

I can get this all done by June 6 right?

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