Binding time

Approaching the end!

corset binding

Twill tape is sewn on, right side to right side (not that twill tape has a wrong side)


corset trim

Narrow cotton lace over silk ribbon

Ribbon came from the stash. The lace is actually from Joann, shockingly enough. I had a bunch in the stash in white but didn’t feel like trying to tea-dye it, so I bought a bit more in this off-white color.

The twill tape is flipped over to the back, where it will be handstitched on. I could try stitching in the ditch from the right side, but frankly my stitching-in-the-ditch sucks, and odds are I wouldn’t catch the tape everywhere on the back and would have to redo work. Faster and neater to just handsew it. I’m going to handstitch the lace on as well since I think a machine stitch would be really visible.

My new boning (in half inch sizes) also arrived in the mail today, which means this corset should be finished this weekend!


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