Something awoke from R’lyeh…

So, boning channels.

(Here is the chance to get the snickers out of your system. “Bone, bone, bone“.)

I am going to have boning on each side of a seam, and some in the middle of pieces. Pretty standard. I traced lines on the inside of the corset, since I don’t care if I have pencil on the inside. Sewed two of them and look how great:

channel back

Remember, this is from the inside. There will be a quiz later.

Then I flipped it over to see how it looked from the front:



Yeah so these boning channels look like they were sewn by someone under the influence of an eldritch being.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu boning channels Fhtagn!

Looking at it, it makes sense that this one is so far off, since it’s the seam next to the pointy-bits busk half. I tried to roll that front seam a bit so the top fabric would show more than the bottom, and that 1/8 inch led to this.

So I ripped the seams out (have you tried pulling seams out of herringbone coutil? It’s not fun), and sewed the damn channel from the front, using the width of my presser foot as a guide.

And I’ll be keeping a watchful eye out for this guy from now on:

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