Quick interlude on how I did the scallops on the skirt flounces.

First, finding a scallop-on-scallop pattern is not easy. I finally got the idea of image searching for scalloped doilies. Found one that was round, cropped off the piece I needed, enlarged it, and printed it out. Woo!

I tested out the scallops on some scrap fabric. The scalloped rotary cutter test looked uuugly. Couldn’t get enough control to go over those small curves. Remembered I have pinking shears, checked in on the accuracy of pinked trim in the Victorian Costume FB group, and upon getting the go-ahead decided to go with that.

Compare pretty pinked scallops to ugly scalloped-scallops

Compare pretty pinked scallops to ugly scalloped-scallops

I left the edges raw. I tried out fray check and clear nail polish on the edges, but they both left a very visible stain, so no-go. I wasn’t planning on ever tossing this in a washing machine anyways, so I think it will be fine.

stained edge = bad

stained edge = bad

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