DL dress

No photos, since I’ve been too lazy to take them. I got bored (re: annoyed, procrastinate-y) fitting the bodice, so I swapped to skirt construction since that’s pretty straightforward.

What I’ve done since last time:

Chemise (done. Not sure that it isn’t too high cut. I may need to recut it lower and rebind the top)

  • Cut fabric
  • Sew
  • (optional) lace on top/hem/sleeves (decided against lace, since I’m not a huge fan of how it came out. The next one can be decorated)


  • try Peling’s bodice over my corset
  • mockup1 – Took a pattern of Peling’s bodice.
  • mockup2 – This one needed to have the back and front raised, a point added to the back waist, and getting rid of the huge gap between my arm and the armscye
  • mockup 3 – I’m hoping this will be the final one. I need to open up the front princess seams and add some more fabric in to make them curved. Plan to do this over my corset this weekend.
  • cut silk
  • cut interlining (silk organza?)
  • cut lining
  • sew bodice
  • boning
  • make piping and bias tape
  • sew piping
  • eyelets
  • bertha base
  • bias tape on bertha
  • attach bertha
  • figure out wtf I want for sleeves
  • sleeve mockup
  • cut sleeves
  • attach sleeves
  • tucker (optional for now)


  • Buy base fabric  – Got some green cotton from Joann (the only natural fiber they have)
  • calculate flounce length and width
  • buy lace and fringe  – Decided not to do this trim. I couldn’t find a lace I liked in New York. I did find a phenomenal fringe (made of thread, not the usual poly fringe you find everywhere) but it was about 3 inches too long. I thought about buying it and trimming it, but too much effort. Maybe the next version of this dress?
  • Sew base skirt
  • Bind bottom with fashion fabric – It goes about 5-6 inches up the front to hide the cotton. I sandwiched some cotton tape in the lining to kick it out a bit.
  • Scallop template
  • test flounces and fraying
  • Cut flounces (on the bias)
  • gather flounce on cord
  • sew flounces to skirt
  • cartridge pleat (or knife pleat?)
  • sew to waistband
  • figure out skirt closure
  • hooks & eyes to attach skirt and bodice


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