Catchup #1

Sebastopol happened and I had a fantastic time! But since I didn’t take any photos, final pictures will have to wait until my friends post them. Until then, catching up on some of the pictures I took of the intermediate steps.

Here is the final mockup of the fitted gown top (with the finished-except-for-hem kirtle underneath):

Front open, how I plan to wear this most of the time

Front open, how I plan to wear this most of the time

My pattern ended up being not too different from the doublet pattern shape in the Tudor Tailor. Not really sure what the difference is to be honest. As usual, I needed to take a ton out of the shoulders and raise the armscye.

Pinned closed

Pinned closed

If I had bothered to pin this all the way, you would see that the curved front really does lie flat.

14 gown back

Gown back. Check out those sexy sexy knife pleats on the kirtle.

Feelings when finishing a pattern and getting to finally start on the actual fabric:

Feelings when you’ve sewed trim onto a gown top for 3 days, whipped everything together, added the lining, try it on, and realize that somehow the top is two inches too big around:

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