Kirtle top done!

After finishing the eyelets in the last post, I just needed to whip in the shoulder straps, and the top is done! This is really the hard part of the kirtle, the skirt shouldn’t be too difficult.

The good: The shape! The curved front left room for my bosom, but still looks like a flat front. Overall I’m pretty pleased with this.

The front

The front

The back

The back

Side. Looove how the front looks from here.

The side. Right now closing with purple yarn, since I ran out of ribbon.

Right now closing with purple yarn, since I ran out of ribbon.

And the not great:

That buckling! UGLY.

That buckling! UGLY.

You can see I have a bit of buckling under the breasts. I’m not sure how to get rid of it – take a seam in? Too many layers in the front? Let a seam out? At this point, I’m not going to bother. MAAS is coming up and I’ve got an entire outer gown to make yo!

I’m also not sure that the kirtle is tight enough to be supportive, especially once I start wearing it and body heat makes it stretch. We’ll see after I wear it the first time.

Next up, I’m going to start working on the outer fitted gown. I bought the perfect shade of blue/green linen, (aka my parents were awesome and offered to buy me fabric for my birthday. It’s also why the top of the gown will be lined with silk taffeta instead of linen. Woohoo!)

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