Green Lucas De Heere gown

As said a post or two ago, I’ve been planning for a year to make this green outfit for the upcoming faire season.

English-lady-and-young-ladyThe plan includes:

  • my linen shift and partlet (already made for last year’s faire outfit)
  • black wool fitted kirtle (potentially with satin or velvet ribbon guards, but I haven’t decided and I doubt I’ll have time)
  • green doublet gown, with rusty orange velvet trim
  • commission a hat from Truly Carmichael (I should get on doing this soon)
  • Ruffs from the Renaissance Tailor (there is no way I’ll have time to make my own. Sense a theme here?)


History Unstitched, Tudor Corset or Not to Corset, Kimiko Small (paid site)

Kimiko’s red damask kirtle

Various discussion in the Elizabethan Costuming facebook group

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