Exterminate II

As expected, I’m already behind on blogging.

Last time on Avant Garbe, I was partway through a Dalek costume for halloween.

Here you can see the dress, partway through having ribbon glued on:

There are very few costumes where I will use a glue gun and polyester ribbon.

I also discovered at this point that my dress form is ~2 inches too big in the waist. I could zip the dress up on me with only a little struggle, but it was not going to zip up the form. I need to take the waist in on the cover before I start using it for real draping.

Here are tiny cups spray painted silver, which I glued to hairclips. The stability was questionable, I think gluing to a headband would have worked better.

Keeping glue gun strings away from cats is hard.

I glued on a bunch more ribbons, a ton of plastic cups, and then I was done! Here are some pictures from Halloween at work:

And pictures from other Halloween parties:

Epic battle with my nemesis, the 10th doctor (played by my boyfriend)

We made up our differences 🙂

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