Winter is coming

Or rather, winter is here. I haven’t knit since high school, but I just started again and am having tons of fun. My plan was to make a bunch of scarves for holiday presents, but since it’s taken me at least 3 weeks to do 1/3 of a scarf, I’m thinking only one person will be getting one (lucky recipient to be determined!)

I am making this braided scarf, which I discovered on Koshka’s (Catherine’s) blog. I’m using size 5 needles, 9 stitches wide.

Since the Joann near me has a yarn selection as wretched as its fabric selection (there is not a natural fiber in that store) I bought  teal, pumpkin, and purple wool yarns online (as well as a red. But I don’t like how the red looks with these colors, so I think I need a black and gray as well).

I have finished the teal section, and plan to start the orange tonight.

The middle stitch is dropped to create the ladder look

Knitting is a perfect project for me, since I can sit in my room and watch TV, and just pick it up. No mental effort involved like patterning and fitting and drafting…

(Yes, Dickens Fair starts in 2 weeks. No, I have not started an outfit. I’m thinking full Victorian isn’t going to happen this year, and I’ll just fake steampunk with my red corset and skirt.)

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  1. carol w says:

    Very nice looking — appears really fancy . I’m impressed. Are we still the only ones who do the “European” style of knitting. I did change slightly how I do the Pearl based upon instructions I saw on-line.

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