Despite the fact that Dickens starts in a month and a half and I have done absolutely no work on my from-the-skin-out outfit, I decided to toss something together for Halloween.

A Dalek! I’m not sure where I got the idea. It’s apparently a pretty common cosplay, enough so that the Suicide Girls (yeah I don’t get it either) put together a video on how to do a quick and easy Dalek costume:

My colors were more inspired by this costume:

I think I sat next to her at a panel at Dcon 2011 http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tenth_Doctor_and_Dalek_cosplay_battle_stances.jpg

First I went shopping, and bought these materials:

  • black full length dress (ebay)
  • silver ribbon
  • plastic christmas ornaments that separate in halves
  • silver spray paint
  • plunger (surprisingly difficult to find a plunger with a wooden handle and black rubber)
  • small plastic cups (ok I took them from a burger restaurant)
  • hair clips
  • wire cutters (bought for my hoop skirt, but ended up needed for this!)

I thought I was going to have to buy plastic easter eggs and use only the spherical half. While in Michael’s, I found these awesome Christmas ornaments, which let me use both halves

I snipped off the hanging plastic bit with wire cutters

I couldn’t get the end cut off perfectly, so I ended up buying some sandpaper and sanding the edges a bit more smooth.

Next steps:

  • hem dress (as expected, I need to chop off about 7 inches from the dress, and take up the straps
  • spray paint the hemispheres, cups, and plunger handle
  • Glue ribbon on the dress (I know, glue usually makes me wince, but this is Halloween)
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2 Responses to EXTERMINATE!!!

  1. carol w says:

    I can’t quite remember how the plunger fits in with the costume. — oh — is it there weapon arm ?

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