Much Ado About Sebastopol

Last weekend I went to the lovely Renaissance Faire, Much Ado About Sebastopol. This place is pretty far from home (around 2 hours) but I’m so glad I went! This fair started as a fundraiser for the local schools, which means they really emphasize learning and teaching. It was awesome being able to discuss the actual history of the Renaissance, rather than be surrounded by Epic!Cleavage!Fairies!

(Not to say that epic cleavage fairies don’t also have a place in life. I own a corset or 3 myself).

Oh right, pictures! So as usual, I fail epically at taking pictures. Here’s what my roommate got of me on my phone:

Chillin’ on a haybale

And because my roommate found it exceedingly amusing, me in full garb, plus sunglasses:

Block that sun!

From inside to out I am wearing:

  • Linen shift
  • Pair of bodies
  • Linen partlet
  • Green cotton petticoat
  • Pink linen skirt with black cotton tape guards
  • Brown bodice (non period name. Maybe a jacket? Ideally I would have a brown skirt attached to be a full French gown, but I’m out of linen)
  • Pair of sleeves
  • Apron
  • Linen coif
  • Red stockings (despite having elastic, they drooped. I need to get some garters)
  • Black leather shoes

Hopefully I’ll have a separate post & pictures up for each of these items one day.

And the absolute best part of Sebastopol, I got to meet my costume idols; the lovely Sarah of Mode Historique, Kendra of Demode, and Trystan of Trystan’s Closet. I went up to them, told them how much I admired their work, and they invited me to come sit and chat with them in the Bella Donna tent! I’m sure I was horribly awkward and shy, and by that point my sleeves were ripping and falling down, but whatever! As expected, they were all wearing gorgeous Venetian dresses, and were very nice and friendly to my n00b self.

Overall a wonderful time! Now to fix the ripped sleeves and bodice tabs before going to the Gilroy faire in two weeks…

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2 Responses to Much Ado About Sebastopol

  1. Kendra says:

    Hey there! It was so nice to meet you! I really loved your costume — the black guards on the petticoat and the black piping on the bodice added a really cool element. There’s a part of me that loves tailored and structured, so I get excited about these things!

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