I dislike pattern drafting. The part I enjoy about sewing is well, the sewing. Also the wearing and the admiration. But the drafting/patterning/cutting/measuring? Boring. I’ll be happy for the day when I have a good set of base patterns, and will never have to create a new one.

But, that day hasn’t come yet! And to complete my elizabethan commoner ensemble, my brown bodice needs a pair of sleeves. I will be using these instructions to create my sleeve pattern (that content might not be visible if you are not a member of the site). Plan for today – get the sleeve drafted, and potentially the first muslin mockup cut and sewn. The final version will be brown linen, with a muslin lining.

Why muslin and not linen? I want the inside of these sleeves to be “slippery”, as they will pull on over my linen shift. I don’t have any good silk to use, and I think silk is too fancy for this outfit. None of my linen is of particularly high thread-count, so I think the muslin will be a much smoother fabric, and better for the slippery feel I am looking for.

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